Suprapatch Patch Frio

Hydrogel patch with

high cooling power


Cooling relief for

children with fever


• Forehead cooling patch

• Immediate cooling relief

• Cooling effect up to 8 hours


Box with 4 patches

2 patches / pouch


Available in Pharmacies and Health Spaces



  • SUPRAPATCH® PATCH FRIO is a hydrogel patch to apply on the forehead, designed to give immediate cooling relief to children with slight fever

    It is safe, convenient and ready to use, without refrigeration or freezing.

    SUPRAPATCH® PATCH FRIO adapts to the skin easily, doesn’t cause any sensitivity and remains cool up to 8 hours, on the place of application, without any residue.

     It can be used in conjunction with medicine. 



    As body temperature increases, the skin’s heat leads to evaporation of the purified water inside the hydrogel layer of SUPRAPATCH® PATCH FRIO, giving a cooling sensation to the skin.


     HOW TO USE 

    1. Open the pouch and take out 1 patch.

    2. Remove the transparent film from the back of the patch.

    3. Apply on the forehead, not too close to the eyes. Use the patch only once.

    4. Re-seal the aluminum pouch well, to keep the other patch from drying.