Suprapatch Patch Descongestionante

Improves Breathing

Relieves Nasal Discomfort


 Box with 5 patches

 Available in Pharmacies and Health Spaces



  • SUPRAPATCH®PATCH DESCONGESTIONANTE is an adhesive patch, with balsamic oil of eucalyptus, mint and lavender

    SUPRAPATCH®PATCH DESCONGESTIONANTE is used to improve breathing and relieve nasal discomfort caused by nasal congestion

    It works by releasing natural vapors of eucalyptus, mint and lavender, improving breathing, especially at night.

    The components of the patch act by contracting the capillary vessels of the nasal cavity, reducing the runny nose.

    SUPRAPATCH®PATCH DESCONGESTIONANTE helps nasal decongestion.


    The EUCALYPTUS OIL contributes to the control of hyper-secretion in the airways, improving breathing.

    Inhalation of LAVENDER OIL clears the nasal passages and has an antiseptic action.

    The MINT OIL gives pain relief and cooling relief. It increases nasal blood flow, improving breathing and considerably reducing the sensation of breathing discomfort.



    SUPRAPATCH®PATCH DESCONGESTIONANTE improves breathing and relieves nasal discomfort through the interaction of the vapors of its components with expectoration and nasal mucus, fluidizing bronchial secretion and relaxing the nose’s inflamed linings. These actions open the airways, reducing resistance and improving air flow in the nasal cavities.



    1. Open the pouch.

    2. Remove the transparent film and stick the patch directly on clothing / pajamas, in the pectoral area.

    3. Balsamic action of the natural vapors of SUPRAPATCH®PATCH DESCONGESTIONANTE lasts 6 to 8 hours and its application is therefore recommended before going to bed.