Treats + Prevents

Spider Veins


Tube of  50ml


Available in Pharmacies and Health Spaces

  • Remescar DERRAMES VASCULARES is a unique medical device clinically proven for the prevention and treatment of spider veins. It forms a long-lasting protective shield over and around the affected area, which ensures a prolonged contact time and hereby accelerates the healing process.

    • Unique medical device for the healing of spider veins
    • Instant visual results
    • Up to 51% decrease of spider veins 
    • Prevents the formation of new spider veins
     How to use  

    Wash your hands. At first time use, open the tube and remove the protective cap. Apply Remescar DERRAMES VASCULARES gently on the affected skin and massage until completely absorbed. Do not rub too hard as this will not increase the effectiveness. Apply Remescar DERRAMES VASCULARES twice a day, for 2 to 3 months.

    Remescar is a medical device

    Read carefully the labelling and the how-to-use instructions.