Because we believe in Self Care…

When we formally celebrated, at December of 2011, the creation of Ampliphar, we had absolute conscience that we were becoming involved in a project with a relevant risk factor, to which we progressed with reflected expectations of its feasibility and corresponding potential of success.

This evaluation of ours has been based, since the beginning, in a very solid human structure, made up of People we know well, with whom we shared years of great success, plenty of work and constant dedication, in view of the challenges then overcome.

We have with us all those who have devoted their body and soul to the project, from the first moment it was presented to them.

Professionalism and character are characteristics, among others equally important, that define the Ampliphar Team.

At a time when economic difficulties affect the Country globally and the Pharmaceutical Sector in particular, we assume that Ampliphar will be a loyal and active partner to all its clients from the sector, of which we emphasize the Pharmacy, due to the negative conjuncture that has rendered its activity more difficult in the past years.

We will follow this same line of conduct with our Suppliers, whom we consider to be essential partners to carry out the mission which we mean to follow.

At last, but not least, we will commit ourselves, to the maximum of our capability and availability, to develop solid and profitable partnerships with the Companies we represent, building the essential foundations for long-term co-operations.

The business area in which Ampliphar will exercise its activity embraces, due to the diversified quantity of products, goods and services it contains, a territory with great potential, where we will work relentlessly to implement our Brands in a sustained and well qualified manner, giving due emphasis to the detail.

Consequently, we are in this challenge because We Believe in Self Care.